Monthly Archives: September 2011

Southdown Project

I am spinning some Southdown right now that I hope to make 3 ply socks with.  I have a black garbage bag full of chocolate brown fleece that I washed a while ago.  I carded this up on my drumcarder into batts and here is my first storage bobbin full with a 3 ply test taken at the beginning of spinning and one at the very end.  There is a little inconsistency but hopefully when plied with two other bobbins this will be less noticeable.

Happy New Year!

I am running around make supper for Rosh Hashanah.  Jewish holidays start the evening before and tonight is when you eat sweet foods for a sweet year.  I am not what I would call religious but I like to have some traditions and this is one of them.  I baked 2 challahs, which is egg bread, roasted a chicken and am cooking some winter squash.  I have apples which you dip in honey.  As usual with these things we have way too much food I think but once this squash is done we will try to eat what we can and the rest can go into the freezer.  I am not a fan of eating leftovers for days after a meal.  I had to do it growing up and never enjoyed it.  I do like having pre-cooked frozen meals so I will freeze food and however long later I heat it up and have it so I don’t feel like I ate the same thing for days.  This doesn’t work for things I have prepared and froze so I have to break this little rule of mine sometimes but in general that is what I do.  There are not many Jews up in the Yukon so these holidays mainly consist of the meal.


L’shana tova everyone!

So Far So Good

I got up this morning and did some spinning.  The yarn I set yesterday is dry now but it is raining so the light isn’t great for pictures.


I am still visiting Pinterest and looking at pictures for studio inspiration.  I have been listening to Sherlock Holmes and hope to actually make it through the audiobooks I have downloaded but haven’t finished listening to.  I have read the Sherlock Holmes stories a long time ago but it is fun listening to them again.


I continued today with hauling one load of logs to be split in the wheelbarrow over to the wood splitter, one load to my stacked wood and stacking it and one load to the bottom of the steps for the house in addition to what is already in the house drying out.  I know I won’t get it all done before we get a pile of snow but even if I get some done that will be good.  Every year I get a little more stacked which means less digging through snow looking for wood that has been buried.


I seem to be getting fitter.  My youngest is 3 so I thought I was going to stay at the size I have been for quite a while now.  However, my clothes are starting to hang on me except for some which now fit fine but didn’t fit right before.  I used to be rather fit before I had my first child, biking 14 km to get to work and back.  I injured my back though and am only now able to do all this stuff and not be in a lot of pain.  I also had 2 c-sections which didn’t help.  It is a bit annoying actually having to buy new clothes when I don’t live near a clothing store but not being in pain is a good thing.  I have been eating the same so I just must be more active.  I have been quite happy with how I look for a while now so am not that bothered except I do need clothes.  I have belts in the meantime.


I only got part of a puff done last night and I hope to finish it and start another one tonight.  It would be great if I can make 2 blankets this winter.  The other ones are getting a little worn so it is always good to have more in rotation.


Life is good.

My Personal Stashdown

Today is the first day of Autumn, my grandma’s 89th birthday, and there is light snow at the local airport.  I have decided to do a stashdown between now and the winter solstice.  I am going to try to spin every day and get through some of this stashed fibre I have.  This will mean I need less storage space in my studio which means buying less storage stuff.  I want to get more into weaving and everyone knows that means I need space.  If I had the stash down to a reasonable amount (I think I am still around the 100 pound mark for fibre and there is all that commercial yarn too) I could get a floor loom into my studio.  That is a few years down the road as that will take some saving up and I would need to buy it down south and haul it up here.  This is sort of the 5 year plan for my crafting.  My friend Kim, who is already a weaver (I am not much of a weaver yet), tells me I cannot get a floor loom before her.  I hope she is saving.


So my CPW currently has some leftover singles I am plying together for yarn to make puffs and granny squares with.  I am going to finish that and wind it off and maybe I will start carding some of this CVM fleece I have.  I think alternating dyed stuff with these dark fleeces (the CVM is charcoal) will help keep me going.  I have a number of dark fleeces.  The Mazurka has some Jacob singles that I need to wind off (the other 2 sets of singles are on weaving bobbins already) and I need to ply that.  It actually isn’t that much.  I also plied the progression dyed top I was spinning and my special project yarn yesterday and set the twist this morning.  I just need them to dry.


I have a lot of bobbins free at the moment.  That is an excellent start to a stashdown.

What’s Going On

Life is awesome right now.


I am done my singles for my special project.  I have to ply them.  They are all on cardboard weaving bobbins as I just have the one bobbin for my antique CPW (Canadian Production Wheel).  I am hoping to get that done right away and then start working on my project.


I have a lot of bits and pieces as far as fibre goes.  I am starting to lose track as to what some of it is too.  I am going to work through a lot of these small amounts that I bought as samples for my course and spin it into yarn for puffs and granny squares.


I have decided for my studio that I am going to save up and go to Ikea next summer and get everything I need for studio storage.  I am still going to build a spindle rack myself as soon as I get to town to get the stuff.  I think now that I am on a spinning fibre diet I will also have less fibre to store and more yarn which takes less room.  I often hang my skeins so I am also considering a peg board so I can have lots of room to hang things.  I am thinking about different options anyways.  I love the steampunk style and would love to incorporate it into my studio.  Ideally, I want to have a lot less stash than I do now.


Anyways, I love autumn.  It is a cozy time of year where you aren’t freezing but you stay inside and eat delicious food and work on woolly projects.  I have a back yard full of wood right now which makes me happy too.  Not to mention my kids are doing well in school.  They love going to school every morning.  My oldest loves to draw and is adding a lot of detail to his pictures which I think is great for 8 years old.  For example, he was using different colours of yellow pencil crayons when he was drawing his hair on a picture of himself.  I am just amazed what art has done for him.  He acted out when I was going through the divorce but has really turned around and a lot of it I think was due to drawing.  I think that is why child workers use art when counselling children.  My daughter is doing so well and makes me laugh with her love of putting together outfits to wear to school.  She has always really involved herself in her projects which I think will help her a lot in school.  My youngest is so much fun.  He hangs out with me while I spin and I think he will be a crafter when he gets a little older.


I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year.  I know I am.