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Etsy Update, November 14th

Etsy Update, November 14th

I have listed hat number 3 on my Etsy site.  I finished it last night.  It is a little wider than the other two hats.  It is a nice green colour that goes from dark to light plied with gold which makes it tweedy looking.  I have some other yarn from this spinning project that is red and then the middle section which has both the green, orange and then red.  I am not sure if I will be able to have enough from all three skeins to make 3 hats or just the two.  We will see.  I am working on the one with the singles right now from the purple Corriedale batt.  It is going well.  I have ordered a head to display my hats on when I take pictures of them but it hasn’t arrived yet.  Hopefully soon.

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