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Body/Hand Cream Recipe

Body/Hand Cream Recipe


We were getting low on cream and during this time of year I like to put cream on my hands as they get dry.  I have used a number of different recipes and they are all sort of similar and here is what I did today which is what I usually make.


In a pot put an inch or so of water in a small pot and place a jar like a canning jar that can handle the heat into it.  Put 1/4 of a cup of emulsifying wax (I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs) and 1/4 cup of oil of your choice into the jar and heat it up on medium or so heat.  I used half sweet almond oil and half kukui nut oil.  While you are doing this boil some water and have a container ready that can hold at least 2 cups.  Pour 1 cup of boiling water into a pyrex measuring cup and 1/4 cup of glycerin into the boiling water.  I usually pour the oil/wax mixture and the boiling water/glycerin mixture into the container at the same time.  Add about 1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil and some essential oil of choice is desired.  Stir the mixture well.  As it cools keep stirring to make sure it doesn’t separate.


Ingredient List:

1/4 cup emulsifying wax

1/4 cup oil or combination of oils

1/4 glycerine

1 cup boiling water

1 tsp Vitamin E

essential oil


My first handmade instead of store-bought item of the year!



2 thoughts on “Body/Hand Cream Recipe

  1. Jackie Irvine

    Wow! How talented you are – you could make this and add your own wild herbs that you collect this year. You would have to soak them (?) to be able to add (as you can probably tell this is not something I know very much about:) No additives in this either, that is good.

  2. Rachel Post author

    I have used infused oils to make this recipe. In fact, the last batch I made before this I used sweet almond oil infused with Calendula flowers. The vitamin E should help it keep for a while but in my house cream only lasts a month or two anyways.

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