Daily Archives: 14 January, 2012

Lotion Bars And Stuff

I saw this recipe today for lotion bars and made some.  I used 1 part cocoa butter, 1 part macadamia nut oil, and 1 part beeswax.  I didn’t scent them because the kids loved the chocolate scent from the cocoa butter.  My hands get so dry in the winter and crack so I am always making things to keep them in good shape.  I can’t spin silk if my hands aren’t smooth.  The silk snags if I try to.

I am going to try to finish some projects (I know I say this all the time).  I am really in the mood for spinning on a supported spindle and I think I am going to work on my project on my Tabachek Russian style spindle and the Merino/yak from Spunky Eclectic that I was spinning.  I was carding the top into punis which are tiny rolags that are a bit tighter than rolags.  I find the punis easier to draft one-handed from.  I haven’t got to it yet but I hope to after I make my pizza and eat it.  I have the dough rising right now and will start grating the cheese.  I have been listening to a dramatised version The Hobbit from Audible.  I have read the book and am enjoying the dramatised version.  So my Saturday night plans are spinning listening to that.  How awesome is that?  I was spinning on my CPW last night.  I have been spinning on my Mazurka for a while and the extra 10 inches in the drive wheel size is an adjustment.  I hope to finish the BFL I am doing on that.  It is a number of green dyed by Briar Rose Fibers.  It has been in my stash a long time.


Next weekend I head in for a shopping trip and plan to get some things for starting garden plants.  I am excited to see how that goes.  If it doesn’t work out then I will just buy a bunch of bedding plants off the greenhouse again.  I hope to watch my natural dyeing dvds before I go in so I have a better idea as to what I should be doing.


Life is awesome.  I hope yours is too.