Wandering The Green Path



I read the book Homespun Style by Selina Lake.  It is a book about decorating with crafty things.  She advocates displaying crafting tools and so forth and even displaying yarn.  I had no idea I was sitting on a gold mine of decorating goodness.  I have been inspired and along with my mom coming to help me after my surgery in a few weeks have rearranged and cleaned so I can display more of my things in the public areas of my house.  This will mean the dogs will be sleeping in the basement but going into the warmer months I think they will like that better anyways.  One of the things I did was move most of my drop spindle collection into the living room from my bedroom:



There are more but 5 have their own stand, some are mid-project and some are supported.  I am doing other things but they aren’t finished yet as I was working on getting the dog crates down into the basement.  Only my one dog uses one but there might be a time I need the giant one so I have it down there too.


I am also working on 2 stash-busting giant granny square afghans.  These are for the kids when they are on the couch in the mornings before the house warms up.  I just have the one blanket and two kids which has been a problem.  I hope to reduce the stash and solve the squabbles in the mornings.


Life is good.

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