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Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!


Today I am 37.  I love getting older as life gets better every year.  I decided to ditch the plain brown BFL on my Mazurka and wound off the third bobbin of Corrie/alpaca off my CPW so I could spin this silk.  I dyed this with indigo and I have started spinning it.  It is turning out into a nice semi-solid single.


My son brought me coffee in bed this morning and I had fresh sourdough bread.  37 is looking pretty awesome so far.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

  1. Stacie

    Happy Birthday Rachel! And to your little guy! Sounds like it was a great bday. How sweet of your kid to bring you coffee in bed, lucky mom! :) Hope your year is AWWWWESOME!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Hey thanks even if it is belated! I understand that you didn’t have time with all your “babies”. I hope the puppies are doing well.

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