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Dyed Fleece

Dyed Fleece

I took pictures of the Icelandic fleece I dyed.  It is the goldenrod, madder, and madder exhaust on white.  I dyed enough to account for the waste when I comb it to get the vm (vegetable matter) out.  I am especially happy with the goldenrod as there is still more growing down the street and they haven’t mowed it yet.  Free and local dyestuffs are full of awesomesauce.


A little closer:


I am having a “Slacker Saturday”.  I was so tired last night and slept well, getting up briefly at 5:30 this morning to let the dogs out and then heading back to bed.  Tomorrow, is cleaning day and then I hope to get back to crafting.  Maybe mordanting more fleece and collecting that goldenrod if the weather stays nice.  I made some spaghetti sauce on Thursday and want to make a few more things for the freezer.  Also, infuse more oils with local herbs if I can.  I have some pineapple weed (wild chamomile) growing in my backyard away from the dogs’ area.  I want to dry some for tea.  In the front beds I have a bunch of chickweed that I pick everyday for the guinea pigs.  It grows so quickly there seems to be enough most days and the piggies love it.  Summer is so awesome.  Busy but awesome.


Edited To Add:  I don’t comb and diz off but am combing just enough to remove vm and then throw whatever is clean into a pile which I card on my drum carder.  It means I keep some of the short fibres which I card along with the longer fibres (thel and tog).  It is my compromise as I like to dye fleece and buy local but like to have my prep as vm-free as possible.

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  1. Brenda

    I had to look up your site after reading your article in Spin-Off. Your natural dyes are beautiful!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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