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Artfire Update

Artfire Update

I finished this hat today and listed it on my Artfire shop.  I actually calculated how long it took me to crochet it.  Just the actual crochet and nothing else was 6 hours and 52 minutes.  That doesn’t include the spinning which I have not calculated or the ball winding and other things I have to do.  It surprises people how much time and effort goes into an item.  I had never calculated exactly how much time it took me though.  I made the pattern up as I went along and wrote it down as I went along.  My goal for this month is to make one more hat and spin two more skeins of yarn.  Also, wash fleece.  The Wensleydale is dry although some blew onto the driveway when the wind picked up.  I have some Jacob fleece to get through now before moving onto Icelandic fleeces.  I did not get any fleece mordanted yet.  I did get 6 loads of laundry folded and put away and have 1 in the washer 1 and in the dryer.  I also managed to finish listening to an audiobook and am working on another one.  Life is good.

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