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Some Plying

Some Plying

I was spinning that pink Rambo/Corrie dyed with cochineal I have been working on for awhile.  It came time to wind off the spinning bobbin and I noticed I had 23 cardboard bobbins with varying amounts of singles on them, 2 spinning bobbins with singles, and the two bobbins on my wheels.  I decided it was time to ply some fibres that went together and plied some Corrie with silk.  I managed to ply 148g of 3ply yarn before I ran out of silk singles.



This should be enough for a slouchy hat.  It was 2 skeins and I am going to wash them to set the twist after supper.  I am not sure if I have any other singles that can go together but I do have more Corrie batts that I can spin and then ply with some of the other Corrie singles I have.  I also have some more of that BFL.  I will do that after finishing the Rambo/Corrie.  I will count what I plied today as one skein as it is one batch of yarn and the Rambo/Corrie will be the second one which will make the 2 I wanted to make in July.  I just need to make one more hat.  So get the Rambo/Corrie done and one hat done is my mission before August 1st.

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