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Dyeing: Goldenrod

Dyeing: Goldenrod

I had collected 400g of goldenrod between yesterday and today so I started a dyebath.  I had 246g of Icelandic mordanted and threw that in the strained dyebath.  I also collected more marigold dead-heads and just today had collected 96g.  I am mordanting some more Icelandic to be dyed tomorrow.  I didn’t collect all the goldenrod as I sort of do it a little bit at a time to let anyone else harvest some.  Some was starting to fade as just about all of it is in full bloom right now.  It is awesome.  The two younger kids collected wild strawberries while I collected the goldenrod.  We were actually just walking to the bank.  I think it is awesome I can collect useful plantstuffs just while going to the bank.  I will have to start dyeing with some cooler red dyes to balance out all the yellow and orange I have so far.  I have some woad coming in the mail as I have one tiny woad plant in my garden.  Next year I will try again….for the third time and then give up if I can’t manage after 3 tries.

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