Some Pictures From The Last While

I have had a busy August and will get busier as I go on vacation next week for my grandma’s big birthday party.  I had company over the weekend and just been trying to get organized for my trip.


Here are the pictures of the third dip in the marigold (middle), the Icelandic in the cochineal (right), and the blank and white Jacob in a second dip of cochineal (left):



I also am almost finished crocheting a hat.  I don’t always post projects before they are done but here is the hat I am crocheting out of the Corrie plied with silk I did a while back:



I am going to bring some yarn down south when I go on vacation (note that to people who live up here near the arctic that “down south” is what we call anywhere south of us, ie.: most of the world).  I hope to get a project or so finished but you know how travelling with kids goes and I might not get much done at all.  Obviously, a yarny person never goes anywhere without a project though because waiting is like crafting time gold to us.  You always want to be able to take advantage of it.


Life is good.

2 Responses to Some Pictures From The Last While

  1. That hat is awesome. I love the way the colors look like they are moving from the stitch and pattern.

    • I really like the colours too. This hat is much fuller at the top than I usually do but I was pretty sure I had enough of this yarn to try it. I just make up all my patterns as I go along but keep notes.

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