Finally Out Of The Rut!

I have had a bit of a lull lately as far as making things.  I needed something to contain my hair this summer and decided to try to make a mesh head wrap.  I just finished it and I really like it.  Yay!


I used some German cotton yarn I had in the stash (I haven’t lived in Germany for more than 8 years).  It is a sage green.

I also finally dug the hole for my lilac bush I bought last weekend.  I want to grow a hedge and lilac is one of the few hedge plants that grow up here.  I have a pot of raspberry canes for the backyard that I still have to plant.  I am almost done planting everything and am busy watering every morning.  The weather has been fantastic.

In 2 weeks I will be doing a nature walk as part of the Anvil Range Arts Society Funfest.  The walk will be looking at natural dye plants around town.  I have to dye some different fibres in the next week to have to show people what they look like so that should be fun.  I pulled out my dye books trying to come up with a list of plants I can use.  So exciting!  It feels great to start the dye studio season.  I hope to get a bunch of dyeing done this summer.

Life is awesome!

Fibre Fairies

A lady in town said she had some extra alpaca and wanted to know if I wanted some.  I said sure and today my doorbell rang and their she was with 5 bags of alpaca.  It must be close to 20 pounds of it, all different colours and unwashed.  The stash is close to 70 pounds now so I foresee a bunch of spinning in my future.  It is that time of year again where I can do stuff in my garage just as soon as I clean it out.  That is after I get the garden planted.  We are getting down to freezing tonight and then I think we might be good for that although I think the official last frost date is June 8th or something.  My peppers are still in the house but soon I will put them in the greenhouse during the day.  Once I get all my beans, beets, and carrots planted I can start on the dye studio in the garage.  It never ends it seems but it will be great once everything is just down to maintenance, and not cleaning and heavier work.  I just use the garage until September and then I stop dyeing and go back to doing stuff in the house.

The vertigo and nausea hit earlier in the week but I still managed to get a bunch of things done this week that needed to be done.  It is almost time to start foraging again and the spruce tips will be out soon.  Dandelions are already starting as my youngest has picked me some at school.  I will start collecting dye plants soon also.  The summer is always busy because it is so short.  Life is good though!

The Insanity Begins

I have been so busy.  Most of the plants are outside covered up at night with just the pepper plants still inside.  I will start hardening them off soon.  I have staked out the 2 areas in the backyard where I will be planting.  I need some better soil so I have to wait until I go to Whitehorse to get that done.  I have this epic shopping list going and will be bringing the trailer so I can haul everything home.  I need to get my summer tires on which take up a bit of room and all the gardening stuff takes up so much room.  I am already spending about half an hour every morning watering and I expect that to increase quite a bit in the next couple of weeks.  It is all good though.

After the garden has been planted, my boyfriend will be here and we are going to get the rest of the wood split and stacked (he is 16 inches taller than me which helps).  There are some things around the house I need to get done this summer like wall painting and so forth.  I need to get my dye studio cleaned out and get some dyeing done too.  I will get it all done eventually.

I am also the president of the arts society and we have a festival in June and one in July.  The one in June has me doing a demo of the results of local dyestuffs.  I have to get started on dyeing with local dyestuffs so they are ready in time.  I am also doing a nature walk showing local dyestuffs in their natural habitat.  It should be fun.

So far the neuro problems have been less the last couple of weeks.  This happened last year at this time also.  The symptoms I had 2 winters ago were milder and I didn’t really think there was anything to be concerned about at the time.  I do get some vertigo if I move my head from looking down to up quickly so I try not to do that.  Noise still really bothers me so I have some earplugs coming.

Life is good.

Garden Plot Progress

I spent the day moving the firewood I posted about this morning.  I was doing it all day and am so sore.  The kids stacked the wood and I split it with my electric logsplitter.

The garden now with just a few logs frozen to the ground.  The sun should melt the ground in the next day or two and I can move them also.

Almost done moving the wood

Almost done moving the wood


My woodpile.  For scale the pile is 64 inches deep and the fence is 5 feet tall.  There are 10 feet between the fence posts.

The kids stacked this

The kids stacked this

I am so sore and tired but so happy I got this done.  Life is great.


My New Garden Plot: The Beginning

I have decided to expand my garden to the backyard after just planting 5 small raised beds in the frontyard for years now.  Here is where my main garden plot will be:

This will be filled with peas and beans this summer...I hope

This will be filled with peas and beans this summer…I hope

There is a minor problem at the moment mainly that there is a woodpile on it right now.  This picture was taken 2 days ago and that snow melted later on that day.  Yesterday, I did about 3/4 of the spring dog poop clean-up and bought a new wheelbarrow because the tire on the old wheelbarrow won’t hold air for more than 10 minutes.  I don’t think it is the tire that is the problem but the rim so I just bought a new wheelbarrow locally and will try to get a new wheel for the old wheelbarrow next trip into the city.  Two wheelbarrows will be handy now that my oldest is 11 in a couple of weeks.  Today, I will assemble the wheelbarrow and start moving the wood.  I have been waffling about where I should put it because I also want to build some raised beds for root vegetables.  At first, I was going to build them around the deck but I thought it might be too shady.  I thought I would put the wood around the deck.  Unfortunately, I would then have to move the other woodpile:

Usual Woodpile

Usual Woodpile

However, I cut down a small poplar tree yesterday.  It and another smaller poplar popped up in front of my living room window.  I just have 5 windows in my home and this window is the only one I have for the main level on that side of the house.  I do not need it being blocked by trees.  I need the light coming in or I will have to have the lights on all the time.  Poplars are like weeds here so I cut the one down and once the snow melts around the other one I will cut it down too.  After I cut the tree down that area was flooded with sunlight this morning around the deck so now I am going back to the plan of raised beds around the deck and just moving all the wood to the usual woodpile.  I have 2 elderberry bushes coming in the mail that will make up for the trees I cut down.  I plan on them being in dirt bags for the first year or two and putting them in the garage for the winter because elderberries are not hardy for up here.

I have also been spinning some black Icelandic and am on my second bobbin.  I hope to have 6 spun up by the end of May and then I will start on spinning many bobbins of grey Icelandic.  Probably at least 15 bobbins of the grey.  It is for a cloak.  I want to get this wood moved first though and then I can spin while I wait to plant my various seeds.

Life is good.