Handmade For 3 Months

Calendula Blooming In My Garden

Calendula Blooming In My Garden

I have been toying with the idea of doing a handmade year again but knowing that I have had to flake on things in the past because of my health I have decided to do this in stages.  I am going to try a handmade quarter instead.  I am going to include clothing for me (excluding bras), home decor for my home, and toiletries (excluding toothbrushes because I have no idea how to make those).  I actually make a lot of stuff already and often just buy things for convenience.

My calendula has just started to bloom which is exciting because I love using oil infused with calendula in creams and salves.  So far these are the only blossoms that have opened but I hope the others will open before we start getting frost.  I have been picking arnica blossoms and adding them to a jar of oil for a sore muscle rub.  I have never made my own arnica oil before but have bought it and used it with success.

I am so excited about this!

Confession Of An Artisan: I Am Messy

The summer has flown by and I have discovered something about myself or more accurately am beginning to accept something about myself:  I am messy.  My mom came to visit and it disrupted my creativity just like needing to keep my basement clean for contractors did last summer.  I once read that Einstein kept things in stacks and I am such a stacker.  There are methods to my stacks.  On the most basic level they are stacked in chronological order for one thing.  I don’t like dirt but I need to see things or I become uncomfortable.  I feel like I am living in a sterile environment.  Each time I go through a stack things become organized even further depending on what is in the stack.  It spills over into my garden too.  I love filling in the spaces with plants and will try to do it more next year in more of a cottage style garden because I love a messy garden.

Today, I picked some mugwort.  It has such nice looking leaves.  My herb collection is growing and it is so exciting that some of it has been grown by me.  The nights are getting cold though so I might have to pull my peppers in soon.  I will have to clear out the stuff I have in the closet with the grow light to make room for them.  I don’t want to lose my peppers.  Some people are crazy about growing tomatoes but for me it is peppers.

I hope to have more time to write as we enter fall.  The kids will be doing less and I will be indoors more.  Autumn is my favourite time of year and I can’t wait.  I will take notes about what worked in my garden and what didn’t.  I will plan my crop rotation for next year too.

I am going to embrace my crazy messy hair, my crazy messy house, and my crazy messy yard and just go with it.

Life is awesome.

The Summer Is Flying By!

Wow I cannot believe how quickly time is flying by!  I haven’t been spinning everyday because my mom was visiting for a week and I have been very busy.  The kids are doing very well in swimming lessons which they do 4 mornings a week and I have been organizing the Pelly Valley Arts Festival which was today.  It was fantastic!  We had people from all over in our little town of 400 people.  I had a goldenrod vat and a fructose/lime indigo vat going.  I had mordanted some silk scarves yesterday with alum and numerous people dyed them.

The town now has a Farmer’s Market on Thursday evenings and I had a small table for that.  It went really well for the first time.  I will have to make more items for next Thursday.  I still get days when I am really tired but I am getting through them.  Whitehorse is getting an MRI in the next few months but I might still have to go to Vancouver in November for my annual brain tumour check-up.  Hopefully from then on I can get them up here which will be awesome!

Life is great!

TdF, Day 3

What I did today

What I did today


The very random Rideau/Lincoln/alpaca plied with various bits of Norwegian, Herdwick, and Jacob (UK).

The very random Rideau/Lincoln/alpaca plied with various bits of Norwegian, Herdwick, and Jacob (UK).


Today was all about clearing off storage bobbins so I can just spin and not have to worry about having enough bobbins.  I couldn’t stop plying though and finally did get the Southdown spun into singles so all that indigo-dyed Southdown is spun up now.  I still have to ply it up but now I can spin something different.

I also did some gardening.  I picked a lot of chickweed out of one of the front beds and then also had some with some lettuces I picked.  I put some chamomile into the ground because it was not happy in pots.  Hopefully it’s roots have more room now.  I discovered one worm bin flooded so I dumped the whole mess onto the rhubarb transplant.  I put worm casting from another bin around some plants.  I hacked off more poplar branches from the neverending poplars that grow in my yard.  I had a pretty productive day actually which makes me happy.

I have to go wash a lot of skeins now to set the twist on all this new yarn!

TdF, Day 2


Day 2, TdF

Day 2, TdF


The Icelandic singles are just progress from yesterday.  It was the third bobbin of Icelandic singles so I wanted to ply but realized I did not have a spinning bobbin to ply onto.  I decided to do some plying.  I wound off the BFL onto a storage bobbin and plied the Merino/yak and the silk singles with it and cleared off 3 bobbins.  I wound that off into a skein and then plied the two bobbins of Icelandic yarn.  That cleared off one more spinning bobbin.  I still have 2 bobbins of black Icelandic and still need to make a lot more black yarn but I need some colour right now.  I have a bobbin of Southdown dyed with indigo on the CPW so I plan to wind that off.  I also have two storage bobbins of Swaledale that need to be plied also.  I have so many bobbins of random singles that I would like to spin stuff in the stash to go with them and make yarn.  I am excited about tomorrow anyway!