Due to health issues that are clearly here to stay for awhile I have decided to broaden the scope of this blog.  It had been a primarily a fibre arts blog.  One of my other passions is working with plants.  I have less time to devote to everything so have decided to include more about plants and what I am doing with them into this blog.  Tintina Fibres doesn’t fit where I intend to take this blog so I have decided to change the name.  This way I should have more to post and I hope it is still relevant to the regular readers of this blog.


So I had great plans to get spinning again and then the hand problems continued.  Today, my right hand has a tremor and I have lost most of my grip for the time being.  There was a dress rehersal and parents helped me out.  It started yesterday with my index and thumb and continued to my whole hand if my hand is in the air.  My son had to zip up my jacket before we walked down to the arena because I wasn’t sure if we should drive.

Anyway, no spinning or crocheting but I can still read.  Life is good.  Typing with just my left hand sucks though…lol.

Here I Am!

The Ravellenics is basically done now.  There are a couple of questions still coming in but on Friday we will shut things down for the most part.  The timing was awesome because I am having a bad health week.  I will just comment that my brain issues seem to be in part hormonally influenced and leave it at that (I am sure you can figure out the rest).  Yesterday, I had a bit of a blow up at someone who didn’t realize I was really struggling with my right hand and she was horrified I said “brain tumour” in front of kids.  I realize that people don’t like talking about brain tumours but I am not going to feel bad about something I might well have for a long time.  It is there.  A CT scan and an MRI have verified that and I have another MRI already booked for next November.

I haven’t been spinning the last few days but I hope to get started with some today.  I didn’t finish spinning all that blue Southdown so didn’t include it into my total yet.  I am so behind on my challenge but I hope to at least spin 200g a week until the summer solstice.

Sometimes all you can do is pick up the pieces and carry on.  Life is good.

Ravellenic Games

I have been quiet on my blog because I am currently moderating the Ravellenic Games over on Ravelry.  Things should be back to normal in a week or two.  I will have so much spinning to catch up on it isn’t even funny.

I have been spinning for my Ravellenic Games project which is Fleece to FO mittens.  It is from some Southdown fleece I dyed with indigo years ago:

Southdown Fibre


I spun up some of it:

Southdown Singles

Southdown Yarn


I am currently working on some mittens and hope to get them done by the end of the week in time for the end of the Ravellenics.

Swaledale Singles, Part 1

Swaledale singles, bobbin 1

Swaledale singles, bobbin 1

I seem to be getting back into my groove and have finished one bobbin of Swaledale singles.  I have also washed some of the Santa Cruz lamb fleece I bought last summer and it is very soft and short so I am still deciding what I want to do with it.  I am just happy to be spinning again and hopefully the fatigue I have been experiencing does finally go away.  Life is great again.