Hat Progress And Other Ramblings

I am working on a hat using handspun.  It is 2 plies of wool and 1 ply of various bits of silk I had on storage bobbins.  I think I used 4 different colours of silk although two were different shades of orange (from madder root).  I have decided to make it more elfish than my previous hats.

Elf Hat Progress

Elf Hat Progress

I plan on putting a good-sized tassel on it to pull the top down while it is being worn.  I have been dressing decidedly more colourful and I guess whimsical is the best way to put it as the years go by.  I am 39 the month after next and I find I like to contemplate the decade for the last year or so.  I think most people do that when the decade starts but I love getting older so the year at the end of a decade is usually an awesome one for me.  One of the things I have noticed since I started wearing colours, striped socks, fairy shoes, and elf hats is that I am much more comfortable with my physical appearance.  I think it is because I am dressing for me and no one else.  That is such a great feeling as dealing with health issues can make me feel like my body (my brain mostly) is sort of failing me sometimes.  At least I like my physical appearance!

I am so excited about my gardening.  I mean there is still a long ways until I can plant anything:

April 4, 2014 on my front step looking east

April 4, 2014 on my front step looking east

As you can see there is a lot of snow on the ground.  It is spring though because the daylight is fantastic and I am waking up to sun every morning which I love.  The kids are also going to bed while it is still daylight out which they are getting used to again.  I am getting squash flowers but so far just male ones so I haven’t been able to try pollinating them yet.  I haven’t done it before but it looks pretty straightforward.

I have been reading a lot lately.  I am currently reading a book by Glennie Kindred.  I have read other books by her but, as she is based in the UK and I live in northern Canada, some of her books are more interesting than practical because almost none of those trees live here.  The book I am now reading is her newest one called “Letting In The Wild Edges”.  I really like her books because mostly she says go outside and be in nature.  Not on an ATV like a lot of people around here do but walking.  She also advocates tracking how things are where you live.  I did not know for example that the sun only rises in the east and sets in the west during the vernal equinox.  It apparently moves until the solstices before moving back the other way.  I had an order ready on Amazon and I put in a pair of binoculars too because clearly there are so many things I have been blind to all these years.  I still can’t believe I haven’t got around to buying binoculars for this long actually as I live in a great place for looking at things.  I ordered some notebooks during my last Goulet Pens order.  I needed some calendar inserts for my Midori notebook and ordered other stationery too.  I am using 2 of the 3 Clairfontaine, French-ruled spiral bound notebooks I bought but the third one will be used for tracking things like the sun and so forth as per Glennie’s book.

You might be wondering about how I seem to order things but I have been avoiding long drives.  It has an added bonus that I have been less sick.  It is quite isolated up here and people usually only get sick when they leave town or are in close contact with someone who went out of town.  The fuel and other costs of driving the 700 km round trip to Whitehorse is much more expensive than postage.  A lot of companies have free shipping if you order over a certian amount.  It saves me a lot of time and resources and as long as I plan ahead for shipping times it works great.

Life is just awesome.




I am trying to grow some sage this year.  It is one of my favourite herbs and I run out of it every year.  I live in a zone 0 gardening zone which is a difficult zone to have a garden but I am learning.

(The following is interesting information I have read about sage and is not meant to be used for medicinal advice)

I am trying to grow sage from seeds.  The seed package just says heirloom sage so I don’t have an exact name for what I am growing.  In the Yukon, there are plants that grows here that Bev Gray’s book The Boreal Herbal calls “Wild Sage” (Artemisia frigida and Artemisia tilesii) which are actually from a different genus than the Salvia Officinalis that is common garden sage.  Breverton’s Complete Herbal says there are more than 500 types of sage.

Astrologically, Breverton’s places sage under the rule of Aquarius which rules plants thought to be helpful for ankles, circulatory system, and shins.  Breverton’s places it under the rule of Jupiter but in other places I have seen it placed under the rule of Saturn (like many plants with blue flowers).

The genus name Salvia is derived from the Latin word to save, salvere.  Mrs. M. Grieve, in A Modern Herbal, says that it’s natural habitat was the northern shores of the Mediterranean.  She also mentions a superstition I have read elsewhere that “…the wife rules when Sage grows vigorously in the garden.”

I hope to have a few plants that make it this year so I can have my own fresh sage!


Due to health issues that are clearly here to stay for awhile I have decided to broaden the scope of this blog.  It had been a primarily a fibre arts blog.  One of my other passions is working with plants.  I have less time to devote to everything so have decided to include more about plants and what I am doing with them into this blog.  Tintina Fibres doesn’t fit where I intend to take this blog so I have decided to change the name.  This way I should have more to post and I hope it is still relevant to the regular readers of this blog.


So I had great plans to get spinning again and then the hand problems continued.  Today, my right hand has a tremor and I have lost most of my grip for the time being.  There was a dress rehersal and parents helped me out.  It started yesterday with my index and thumb and continued to my whole hand if my hand is in the air.  My son had to zip up my jacket before we walked down to the arena because I wasn’t sure if we should drive.

Anyway, no spinning or crocheting but I can still read.  Life is good.  Typing with just my left hand sucks though…lol.

Here I Am!

The Ravellenics is basically done now.  There are a couple of questions still coming in but on Friday we will shut things down for the most part.  The timing was awesome because I am having a bad health week.  I will just comment that my brain issues seem to be in part hormonally influenced and leave it at that (I am sure you can figure out the rest).  Yesterday, I had a bit of a blow up at someone who didn’t realize I was really struggling with my right hand and she was horrified I said “brain tumour” in front of kids.  I realize that people don’t like talking about brain tumours but I am not going to feel bad about something I might well have for a long time.  It is there.  A CT scan and an MRI have verified that and I have another MRI already booked for next November.

I haven’t been spinning the last few days but I hope to get started with some today.  I didn’t finish spinning all that blue Southdown so didn’t include it into my total yet.  I am so behind on my challenge but I hope to at least spin 200g a week until the summer solstice.

Sometimes all you can do is pick up the pieces and carry on.  Life is good.